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Hi all,

Considering paladins will be relying on spell damage a little more now that 1.9 is out, I thought I would try to answer the age old problem of "How much INT do you need to increase your spell crit by 1%?". This is probably even more important to people going for the new Holy Talents which both increase total INT by 10%, but also the talent to increase spell crit by 5%.

When combined with illumination, our heals can become increasingly mana efficient as well as slightly more powerful. The common misconseption was that you started with 5% base crit rate, and every 100 INT increased this crit rate by 1%. This was refuted by a Blue which I show below:

"Ok, I could have phrased things differently in my OP and I can see how this is different from other comments and how it can be confusing in itself.Well, I’m here to say that I have the real deal comprehensive overview of how INT affects your Crit%. I have been talking with someone who loves crunching numbers and is rather…intimate with the mechanics we are discussing.First off, there is an expected number of INT for each level for players of different classes. For continuing examples I will refer to the mage. Again, each class has different values on them and therefore scale differently, as we shall see.

For the mage at level 60, this number is 286 INT. Now, when a mage is at that level, INT affects Crit% at the rate of 59.5 INT/1% Crit. Again, these numbers are different for other classes at level 60.

However, a level 50 mage will have a different expected INT value and therefore the ratio of 59.5/1% does not apply for a level 50. This is because the value of an individual stat is weighted according to the expected level. At level 10, the same amount of INT will yield more INT/Crit% than it would at level 20.

So, you may regard as what I said earlier as pertaining only to level 60 mages. I apologize for the confusion.

So, in closing, the ratio of INT/Crit% scales down as you increase in level and depending on class. The numbers I provided pertain to level-60 mages. No, I will not give you the exact numbers for your class and level.

EDIT- Oh yeah…there is no “nerf ?. The same mechanics have been here. However, it seems the perception and interpretation may have changed a bit"

I decided to run a few test last night to see what our INT/crit calculated as. As my girlfriend had stolen my Xbox 360 for the night, I didn't mind too much sitting there for a while hitting the flash of light button a few thousand times!Now, this is all good and well for mages (has anyone noticed that 1.9 became the mage's patch instead of paladins? but that is another story...) but what about paladins?

Note that these tests were completed on a level 60 paladin, and will change for lower levels. The table below shows two diffent INT set ups, a certain number of casts (until I got bored) and the mean crit percent:

(Note apologies for the maths but this seems like the best way to show it)

95% Confidence Limit

INT Casts Crits Mean Standard Deviation Lower Upper

INT/Crit using mean

INT/Crit using lower

INT/Crit using upper

214 2787 191 6.85% 25.27% 5.91% 7.79% 31.23 36.18 27.46
164 1149 81 7.05% 25.61% 5.57% 8.53% 23.26 29.46 19.22

As you can see, even casting 2787 times, I could only be 95% sure that my mean crit percentage was between 5.91% and 7.79%. I think that this is the reason why people's figures never give concrete answers and that is why we have come to believe the old 100INT/crit percentage for so long.

In conclusion, the numbers above say to me that the INT/crit for a paladin probably lies between 27.5INT and 29.5INT. Maybe someone else with some more time on their hands can run these figures for 20k+ casts to get a better number (perhaps their girlfriend nicks their Xbox for a night ;-)

This throws up why the change to the talent from "increase mana by 10%" to "increase INT by 10%" is really good for paladins.

An INT of just under 300 before the patch will not only get close to 450 extra mana, but also 1% spell crit.

The main use for increasing crit percentage is to help with illumination. The build I have planned for 1.9 with my current (non-epic and the occasional green) gear will enable me to heal extremely well. With Holy Light 4 and BoL, I will be able to heal for a respectable 402Hp/s, with an amazing Hp/mana of 6.22 - beat that priests/druids!

I'm quite sure that this increased crit will help holy shock and JoR - does anyone know what else it could increase?

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